Payment Solution for Gambling Providers

With OKPAY your money is always safe and secure...
No matter how lucky your customers are!

Online gambling with its thrilling variety of opportunities opens up a whole new universe for millions of Internet users worldwide. People from all around the globe are trying their luck at making a fortune in online casinos and poker rooms. This makes gambling businesses all the more profitable. OKPAY offers both gambling providers and their customers a perfect payment solution, the hallmarks of which are security, smooth transactions, and seamless integration.

Fast and secure transactions

One-Click Account Top-Up

Your users can top up their accounts in no time. Payments in the OKPAY e-currency are processed instantly. Even your most impatient customers won't have to wait a single minute to place a bet or join a poker game.

Hassle-Free Payouts

The more clients you have, the more tedious it can be to arrange automatic payouts. With OKPAY you can stop wasting your precious time by using our comprehensive payout features and send money to large groups of recipients at once.

Payment Automation

Offer Subscriptions to accept membership fees, use Pre-approved Billing to keep the clients' accounts topped up without the need for manual handling, set up the Payment Scheduler to automate payouts, and use other helpful features available via the OKPAY API.

Easy Withdrawals

There is a wide range of withdrawal options available - from wire transfers to exchanges into other e-currencies and payment cards. OKPAY supports 21 world currencies, and you can instantly convert them within your wallet.

A professional approach

Extensive Experience

OKPAY has a history of working successfully with all kinds of gambling businesses: poker, betting, etc. We understand the interests of gambling companies and their customers.

A Fruitful Partnership

With plenty of effective cross-promotions under our belt, we offer ample advertising opportunities. Hundreds of thousands of OKPAY clients can become your customers.

Affiliate Bonuses

We encourage our partners to join our affiliate program. Encourage your customers to become OKPAY users, and they will bring you additional profit in the form of referral bonuses.

A few more reasons to choose OKPAY

Your Clients Take Risks, You Don't

We understand that gambling is a sensitive business. We only work with verified users and take all the necessary steps to minimize the possibility of chargebacks.

Priority Support

Business can't wait. We value the time of our partners and are ready to provide you with prompt and competent advice on any technical or financial matter. Feel free to contact us 24/7.

Comprehensive Payment Solution

A wide range of payment options, a multifunctional e-wallet, a selection of highly reliable security features, a flexible API - OKPAY offers everything online businesses look for in a payment service.